A couple of interesting CFPs

6 Nov


A graduate student conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 11th – 13th, 2011


Urban spaces both produce and are produced by gender. The Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies conference, Gender, Sexuality and Urban Spaces, seeks to explore the reciprocity of these complex relationships. We are interested in how life (or living) in urban spaces mark as well as produce gendered and sexed bodies and how gender, class and race relations, performances and sexualities, in turn, make their marks on the urban spaces. By urban spaces, we mean the lived practices and representations through which a variety of spaces are constituted within and beyond the scope of the city. We invite submissions that examine the construction of gender and sexuality (in conjunction with race, class, & mobility) and urban spaces across a range of historical, cultural, national, fictional, and conceptual contexts.
From census surveys, subway maps, and zoning laws to post-apocalyptic narratives, the construction of sexualities, gender relations, performances, and gendered bodies in urban spaces has been robustly imagined, documented, and regulated. Keeping in mind the rich interdisciplinarity suggested by these approaches, this conference seeks to address the following questions:

How have evolving conceptions of gender and sexuality altered the city in the past, present, and future?
How has the city altered conceptions of gender / sexuality?
How have understandings of gender / sexuality shaped the material and social / cultural spaces of the city?
How do gender / sexuality impact access to urban spaces and why?
How are conceptions of gender and sexuality reinforced, challenged, or subverted through gendered / sexed bodies and the urban spaces they inhabit?

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

Spatial Dynamics of the City
Built and Natural Urban Environments
Public and Private Spaces
Access: to Institutions, to Policy, to Geographies, etc.
Feminist Practices in the city
Migration, Immigration, and the City
Transportation and Mobility
Urban Aesthetics
Queer Spaces
Gender and Technologies
Institutions and Gender
Urban Activism
Tourism and Gender
Intersectionality and the City
Visual and Textual Representations

Please submit 250-word abstracts for 15-minute individual presentations or a proposal for a complete panel of three papers with a 100-word panel abstract and paper abstracts of 150 words each. E-mail submissions to gcws@mit.edu by December 2nd, 2010. All submissions should include 3-5 sentence biographical statements for all paper presenters, which include current research interests and institutional affiliation(s). Please note all AV needs you will have in an additional paragraph.

Accepted participants will be notified via e-mail by January 7th, 2011.


And, another from Columbia:

Humble Body, Humble Mind: Selflessness, Lowliness, and the Religious


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