Dear Harried Human

30 Nov

It is quite possible that, like me, you are staring down the long barrel of finals or paper-writing deadlines. You could be questioning your commitment to being a student or professor. You could be fiercely procrastinating by writing meaningless blog posts. You could be doubting your ability to push through, to say something meaningful, or to just to say something, anything at all.

It is also possible, like me, that you are feeling the onset of winter madness, sitting on the couch eating chocolate animal crackers because you can’t force yourself off the couch to go into the rain or snow to the grocery store to buy some real food. You may be questioning what it means to be a human being on this earth, an alien being on this earth, or any other number of beings. (How are we supposed to be, anyway?)

Well, I just want to tell you, you are awesome. As one who has grown up during “Generation A[ccomplish-something-so- you-can-put-it-on-your-resume-and-look-more-impressive-than-the-next-gal],” I have wittingly and unwittingly eaten the lines telling me I need to be more, to do more, to get better grades, to succeed and feel good about myself (that plus my overachieving perfectionism have driven me to Anxietyville again and again).

Well, that’s not true. Not remotely. I’m fine just the way I am. And so are you. In fact, you are awesome. On top of that, your ideas are awesome. Your paper is going to be AWESOME. The antennae poking out from under your headband are awesome. That pre-prepared sushi you pick up from the store is going to be awesome.

Dear harried human,

Things are going to be okay. Why? Because you’re awesome and I love you.


The Universe

P.S. Good luck on those papers. Your thoughts on The Roaring Girl are going to be so awesome. Like you.


2 Responses to “Dear Harried Human”

  1. Krisanne November 30, 2010 at 10:47 pm #

    Yes. This is it! We are perfect just as we are (a revelation coming from another self-proclaimed perfectionist).

  2. Becky December 1, 2010 at 12:21 pm #

    I always knew you were a perfect human

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