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Women of Faith in the Latter Days

12 Apr

So, the lovely Brittany Chapman reminded me today of the tremendous ongoing work she and Richard Turley are doing in editingĀ Women of Faith in the Latter Days. The seven volumes are organized chronologically, and the first volume, women born before or in 1820, will come out sometime this year.

But, this post is to urge you women’s historians out there to submit something for the second volume, which includes women born between 1821 and 1845. The beautiful thing is that the editors provide a list of women to consider researching. So, in case your list of early nineteenth-century Mormon women is scarce, like mine, you have a readymade guide (along with relevant collections and scholarly materials).

The proposal deadline is June 1, 2011 (Brittany says the final product expected will be 10 pages; about 4,000 words). Here you can find how to submit. I am so excited for the first volume to come out! And please submit, you scholars, you.