Hot Men and Lovely Ladies in Mormon History

31 Aug

One of our most popular posts, even nine months after it was published, is Hot Men in History, which links to a blog that publishes pictures of attractive men from history and a quirky, interesting descriptions of their accomplishments.

In honor of the continued popularity of this particular post, I’ve decided to do a short series of hot men and women from Mormon history.  I’m not sure how long the series will be or how frequent the posts will be, but if you want to see someone covered, put their name in the comments and I’ll look them up and see if they fit the bill.  As a warning, I’m not going to do one on Joseph Smith – it’s a bit too sacrilegious to me.

First up, Ina Coolbrith, cousin of Joseph F. Smith, librarian, and poet laureate of California.

Facts about Ina:

  • Born to Don Carlos Smith and her mother Josephine in 1841
  • After her father died, her mother married the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.  She felt neglected in the marriage, however, and went to live in Saint Louis, Missouri, after his death.
  • Ina’s mother tried to conceal her Mormon past and used her maiden name throughout her life.
  • During her long literary career, Ina corresponded with Mark Twain, John Muir, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and Charles Warren Stoddard.  Twain and Tennyson praised her work and called her “divinely tall, and most divinely fair.”
  • During her work as a librarian, she mentored Isadora Duncan and Jack London.

A Sample from her poems:

A Last Word (To My Mother)

Not more removed with the long years ’increase,
Through hours when storms upon thy roof of clay
Have beat, or when the blossom of the May
Has to the fettered winter smiled release, –
Not from my heart one thought of thee could cease,
O loved and mourned to-day as on that day
When from my sight thy presence passed away,
Thou spirit of all gentleness and peace.
Nay, in the long, long ways I walk alone,
Still with me! On my brow thy touch is laid
Softly, – when all to great my burden grown . . .
And I shall go, serenly, unafraid,
Into the dark-well knowing what dear tone-
Whose hand to mine- O thou beloved shade! 



One Response to “Hot Men and Lovely Ladies in Mormon History”

  1. Bro. Jones August 31, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    She’s definitely hot, and I can even see the Smith family resemblance. But hot women are easy to find on the Internet–thanks for sharing Ina’s story and poetry, not as easy to stumble across.

    (Fwiw, I don’t think it’d be sacrilege to do one on Joseph. I’ll even be a heretic and suggest that if the gospel had been restored by an aged John Taylor instead of a dashing young Joseph Smith, we might’ve had a harder time getting off the ground.)

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