Hot Mormon Men in History: Frank Grouard

13 Sep

This one has been awhile in coming.  As my friend pointed out recently while looking for people who might count for this blog post, there just aren’t a lot of men out there from the 19th C who fit today’s standards as hot.  Too much beard and not enough muscles.  But, Frank Grouard is half-Polynesian and was adopted by Sitting Bull as his brother so that’s kinda cool and he has nice eyes.  So without further ado: Frank Grouard.










Fun Facts about Grouard:

  • Frank Grouard was born in the Society Islands to Benjamin F. Grouard, a Mormon missionary, and his Tuamotuan wife Nahina.  Addison and Louisa Barnes Pratt would adopt Grouard as their son, raising him when they returned to the United States in the 1850s.
  • Grouard was quite a restless child.  Louisa’s diary describes her constant anxiety that he was going to just run away and not return.
  • Grouard worked as a mail carrier.
  • In 1869, Crow Indians captured him in Montana.  He was later released and found by Sioux Indians who brought him to their camp where Sitting Bull would eventually adopt him.  Grouard married a Sioux woman.
  • Seven years later, Grouard acted as a guide for General Crook and helped him to find Crazy Horse’s camp.  Grouard described Crazy Horse as having “somewhat peculiar features” – “sandy hair,” “a very light complexion,” and “a few powder marks on one side of his face.”  According to Grouard, he looked much younger than he was and lacked the high cheekbones associated with Indian features.
  • Grouard has recounted his adventures in his autobiography “The Life and Adventures of Frank Grouard,” in which he describes his reunion with an elderly father who had since forsaken Mormonism and had believed his son dead after false newspaper reports.
  • Frank Grouard also has his own Facebook page.  It’s largely based on the wikipedia article about him, but you can like it.  Right now, it has three likes.
Next week, back to the Smith Family.

One Response to “Hot Mormon Men in History: Frank Grouard”

  1. Jean Marshall January 13, 2015 at 11:51 pm #

    Have you read about Addison Pratt or seen pictures. I nominate him. His life would make an interesting TV miniseries.

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