Mormon Women Project Salon, November 5

30 Sep

I feel extremely privileged to be part of the Mormon Women Project, a website created to showcase individual Mormon women’s stories of faith. The MWP is much more than just a website, though. It’s a network of women. I have met and made many meaningful connections with incredible women by conducting interviews and by meeting with the other members of the staff. 

I joined the project when I desperately needed to devote myself to a Mormon cause, to experience and contribute to the power of my people. And it was exactly the sort of cause I had been seeking. Neylan McBaine, the project’s founder and editor, had begun to do something I had wanted to do for years–document the stories of Mormon women in a way that would highlight their diversity and that would show them engaging with the world in important ways, in ways that are influenced by their Mormonism. And this is what I love most about the project. These women are not pigeonholed according to how they enact an institutional feminine ideal. They are allowed to be fully themselves–daughters of God on their own paths of faith, paths that test and challenge them but that do not destroy their belief. These women are all powerful forces for good in their own spheres of influence.

The MWP is also a nonprofit organization that sponsors a yearly salon, an intellectually and spiritually edifying evening where remarkable women gather to discuss issues pertinent to women. This year’s salon “Crafting A Deliberate Life: Making Choices That Are Purposeful, Personal and Powerful” features prominent Mormon women–Emma Lou Thayne and Kate Holbrook, to name a couple–and will be held in downtown SLC at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Please register and come support these women, and check out the website. This is worldwide women’s religious history in the making!



One Response to “Mormon Women Project Salon, November 5”

  1. amanda5245 October 3, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    This sounds amazing, Liz!

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