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The Personal Is Political: Counterpoint Conference, Saturday, October 20, U of U

16 Oct

The Personal Is Political: Why Women’s Issues Remain Central to the Public Good

Saturday October 20, 2012

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Olpin Student Union, Panorama Room East (4th floor)

University of Utah, 200 S. Central Campus Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Preliminary Schedule

9:00 am-10:30 am

Women in the Mormon Church: The Limits of Agency

Panelists: Margaret Toscano, Mary Ellen Robertson,  Kaimi Wenger, Stephanie Lauritzen

10:45 am-12:15 pm

The Woman’s Body as a Political Battleground

Panelists: Susan Chasson, Katrina Barker Anderson, Heather Stringfellow

12:15-1:15 pm


1:30-2:30 pm

Keynote Speaker & Mormon Women’s Forum 2012 Eve Award Recipient

Joanna Brooks

Claiming our Courage:  The Personal, the Political, and the Future of Mormon Feminism

2:45-4:15 pm

Better Communities/Better Lives: Women Working to Promote the Public Good

Panelists:  Rachael Lauritzen, Marina Lowe, Lorie Winder, Bette Hubrich

4:30-6:00 pm

Exercising Dominion: D & C Section 121 and the Abuse of Power

Panelists: Janice Allred, Michael J. Stevens, Alan Eastman, Paul Toscano

Counterpoint Conference—Registration

Counterpoint conference sessions are free and open to the public! Donations are greatly appreciated. Suggested donation per session–$5.  Lunch–$15.00.  Lunches must be reserved by October 18, 2012; you may email or call to reserve your lunch:  Margaret Toscano (801-581-4768;; Janice Allred (801-225-4967;

You may show up at the door without pre-registering, but lunches must be pre-ordered.
The Olpin Student Union is located on Central Campus Drive on the east side of campus; Panorama Room East is on the top floor, on the west side of the building. There is an adjacent lot where parking is free on Saturday.

The Mormon Women’s Forum
P.O. Box 581451
Salt Lake City, UT 84158


Aaaaand, we’re back

16 Oct

Hello. Amanda and I find it hilarious that even in our absence from blogging here Scholaristas has continued to collect a few readers a day. So touching, dear readers! Turns out, I didn’t leave on a mission after all, which accounts for my posting.

Anyhow, we’ve decided to revive this puttering, spluttering little blog. There are still feminist strides to be made, it appears; feminist events to announce; feminist feministings to be feministed. Stay tuned!

Announcement: We’re taking a break–only one of us can wear skinny jeans.

7 Apr

Beginning in May, Scholaristas will be on hiatus. I’m going on an LDS mission, and to make it easier on Amanda, who is writing her dissertation and blogging for our pals over at Juvenile Instructor, we’re taking a break. I know you’re broken up about it. But, it’s okay. Just because Amanda and I will not be blogging together for a while does not mean that we don’t love you.

Also, our post on skinny jeans was bafflingly the cause of our second-busiest day on the blog. I included skinny jeans in the title because I figured it might be the best way to get our note to the largest number of you. And it’s true; skinny jeans are not mission-approved attire. 😀

Habits of Being: Order Yours for Mother’s Day

5 Apr

Buy your copies for Mother’s Day, and support Exponent II and Mormon women’s history!

Disney explains menstruation

29 Mar

Newsy news

9 Mar

Hey! So, if you are around the bloggernaccle, you’ve probably already seen the excitement. Our Amanda is now a permablogger at Juvenile Instructor. Follow her posts here and there.

Second, the aforementioned Amanda is presenting at this weekend’s Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies at the Huntington Library. If you happen to be in San Marino, catch her paper, “Zion in the South Seas: Mormons, the London Missionary Society, and the Politics of Domesticity. Here is zee program. Good luck, Amanda!

I am a vacuumer of worlds

29 Feb

From here.

Gertrude Stein home movie, ca. 1927

25 Feb

Late one night I was browsing the Beineke Digital Collections, and I came across this haunting home movie taken of Gertrude Stein. Shot on 16 mm film, and now made available through the wonder of the Internet, the film shows scenes from her everyday life in France. We don’t get a good shot of Gertrude until she takes off her hat to reveal her close-cropped head as she walks down a set of stairs at minute 2:50. The record for the video says that Alice Toklas is in these scenes as well, but I can’t pick her out among the hatted ladies. The film is, of course, completely soundless and is very much like watching ghosts as they pass through parks and restaurants and yards and streets. It’s completely mesmerizing. The final two seconds of the film show Gertrude beckoning to the cameraman with her index finger before all is dark. I also found a couple more cool old clips, including Richard Wright’s screen test for the role of Bigger Thomas (!) and a home movie of Sigmund Freud (!).

Like a virgin, or how chastity creates the world

24 Feb

The other night at the bookstore I picked up a copy of the 1942-1951 notebooks of Albert Camus (published by Ivan R. Dee, Chicago, 2010). I had never read anything by him, but he jumped off the shelf because I remembered a friend’s debate over the correct pronunciation of his name. Camus and I were instant friends. His notebooks are just idea journals—collections of quotes, philosophical snippets, plot sketches, musings, etc. He changes to a new topic or train of thought every few paragraphs, sometimes dwelling longer on an idea that needs time and space to develop. I relate to this style. Pastiche is the way I create, and I keep numerous such journals. I love jumping around, turning diverse ideas around in my mind, riffing on themes and easily shifting directions. I also enjoy obsessing about an idea, absolutely focusing all my creative energy on it until I write it out, which often takes years, lots of research, and lots of reflection.

Not only was Camus’ style floating my boat, but his thoughts were really resonating with my current spiritual experience and were helping me think about my current creative project. I have not read the whole thing yet (nor am I likely to since I read snippets of lots of books at once and rarely finish any of them), but one bit caught my attention and I wanted to put it up for discussion here:

“Unbridled sex leads to a philosophy of the non-significance of the world. Chastity on the other hand gives the world a meaning” (39). Continue reading

The skinny on the hunt for skinny jeans

22 Feb

In her last post, Amanda wrote about her quest for a pair of the trendy, yet elusive-for-her-legs, skinny jeans. I happily report that, despite her reservations about her calves, she was successful. Aren’t they cute?!

And, I found some, too. I think based on this outfit I might be considered one of those Mormon hipsters. Ah, well.