Commenting Guidelines

Scholaristas tries to provide a safe place for people discuss issues of gender as they relate to religion, history, and current events.  Because these can be sensitive, we have put together a short set of guidelines.

1.  Stay on topic.  Consider what the intent of the original post was.  As fun as diversions can be, they can also be repetitive and tend to distract from rather than add to the conversation.

2.  Be respectful.  Never attack someone’s religious faith or experience of the world.  It is alright, however, to critique the implications of their beliefs.  It is alright, for example, to critique someone’s beliefs about the acceptability of homosexuality in God’s eyes.  It is not alright to call their religion bunk.

3.  Use appropriate language.  Trying to create an open community for people of a variety of faiths can be difficult.  There are different standards of propriety and what is acceptable in public conversation and what is not.  Although academic language isn’t necessary, consider what type of language should be used in a public space.  Because the content of Scholaristas sometimes involves sex and deeply personal items, it’s especially important to be cautious in this area.

4.  Above all, use common sense.


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